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Drip Coffee Bag Kenya Spikes

Drip Coffee Bag



  • Drip Coffee Bag Kenya Spikes

Drip Coffee Bag Kenya Spikes

In one drip bags, 10 g of coffee in each.

Inside each drip bag is Kenya Spikes.
Kiyambu region, Spikes plantation, 1750 m, farmer MANNASSE KIBOCHI.
Beans variety SL 34, SL 28, washed method of processing.

Bright and floral, violet, red berries, blackberries, cane sugar.

All you need for brewing are hot water and your favorite cup.

Brewing method:
Tear off the tape and place the filter into the cup.
Pour a small amount of water into the filter to completely moisten the coffee.
After, pour a whole filter of water and let it drain.
Repeat this two times.
When the water runs out, remove the filter and enjoy the coffee.

Brewing temperature: 91 - 92 degrees
For cup 150 - 170 ml.